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Subject:  Hope this is CLEAR... Date:  5/17/2017  4:05 PM
Author:  nigelwhalmsley Number:  2156078 of 2292422

From the "I think thou dost protest too much" dept;

Sean Spicer's favorite word seems to be "clear" or "clearly". As in, he has made it clear, he answered clearly, the President has made it clear, he was (emphatically) very clear, and so on. All this clarity seems to generate even more questions, needed in order to clarify the clarity that Sean wants everyone to believe he has made clear. I hope we are all clear on this.


From Press Briefing #48;

"I think I’ve made it very clear what our policy is and continues to be."

"...he made it very clear..."

Sometimes it gets used twice in the same sentence;

"...and it’s been made very clear that...briefed on this have been very clear..."

"I think I made it clear last week that the President has nothing further on that."

"I said -- I was very clear that the President would have nothing further on that last week."

Sometimes the answer is just more clarity about how he has been clear;

"Alexis, I made it clear what the President's position is on that issue."

This time someone else used it;

"Sean, people clearly still have concerns..."

"I think the President's position has been very clear..."

"The FBI director and others have made it very clear..."

"He'll have an opportunity to make his position very clear..."

"I think he's been very clear."

"So his plan has been pretty clear from the beginning..."

"The President has made it clear what his position is."

Not clear in this case;

"That's not my question, so why won't you explain it?"

"As I've said, Hallie, the President has made it clear what his position is..."

"it was made clear that if anyone else had proposed this..."

"...the measures that he took in that executive order are fully lawful and fully compliant, and make it clear that they..."

"the President has made it very clear..."

"Well, the President has always been clear..."

"...the President has made clear over and over again..."

So much clarity, and so many questions.

Sometimes the reporters aren't clear on whats been made clear;

"How has the President made it clear what his position is on the --"

But Sean can clear things up;

"...just to clear something up -- I think that there was clearly bipartisan support..."

"And I think that we’ve got to be very clear as to the reason..."

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