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Subject:  Republican monstrosity Date:  5/18/2017  10:01 PM
Author:  yttire Number:  2156368 of 2279673

If all the raw sewage flowing in Washington D.C. were forcefully exuded through a gigantic press and formed into a shape, it would look a lot like the Republican party. But it would be less foul.

The Speaker of the House, a Republican, tried to cover up payments of Russia to Trump, swearing those around him to secrecy. Except it was on tape. This is the highest form of Republican leadership- hiding racketeering by other high level Republican leaders.

The Republican National Security Advisor accepted $500,000 to adjust United States military objectives and action plans to help a foreign government in their military endeavors. Again, we see Republican leadership doing what they do best- stuffing their pockets while subverting what used to be a democracy.

The Republican President of the United States holds his meetings in his own private resort: Mar-a-lago, where he collects massive sums from visiting dignitaries and pours taxpayer money into his own pocket. According to Sean Spicer, it is not possible for the president to have a conflict of interest, because the president is above the law. This is the Republican leadership at its best, playing the long con, to swindle everyone else.

The United States Government has become nothing more than a sham front for the Republican party to siphon money into the pockets of the Republican leaders.

It was clear from the beginning that Trump had no other aim than to enrich himself, promote racism, and beat his chest with nationalism as long as the money poured into his pockets. This is who the Republicans picked as their front man.

Washington is going to have to push hard to expel this giant constipation otherwise known as the Republican party. But this giant fecal ball seems to be painfully stuck and difficult to dislodge.
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