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Subject:  Re: CCRC's Date:  9/24/2017  5:27 PM
Author:  CountNoCount Number:  20457 of 22253

FollyDolly: I like the idea of a nursing service that will come to your home which Kendall does....for a hefty fee. Laurel Lake is supposedly now member owned. It was built in the mid 1980's and IMO long in the tooth. I think as long as you are living in one of these places with a spouse/partner it might be good. You have someone to look after your interests. Alone, you are living with a bunch of old people waiting to die. No thanks.

Your post would resonate with many people. Part of the challenge of a CCRC is to get a mix of ages. What happens is when they first open they get mainly younger people (55 minimum entry age) which ages over the years. This cohort may stay the rest of their lives and a "bulge" will result sometime downstream. Maybe it's a Good Idea to get profile of the averages before committing. <Putting this idea in the back of my mind.>

The compelling advantage is the flip side of this idea. By having a population with similar ages and presumably similar interests (some may even enjoy Bingo <Gyaaak!>) it becomes more than just a place to live, and we hope there will be friendships made. This argues for a larger unit. A very small unit populated with only a few may be more resistant to this. There will be some stratification because the expense of getting in, not to mention the monthly costs, means everyone there will be at least moderately affluent.

We have looked at the activity calendars of a couple of these places, and they make an effort to include group activities as well as solo activities. Proof of the pudding, of course, may be in actually living there. We want to do a look-see and then get to see/talk with some residents. How can you get a a trial drive?

Size of the unit seems important. A larger community will have more points of view and more varied interests. Also the food service will be affected by the number of people being fed.

The newer ones we have seen are or are huge by comparison to many of the older ones. My initial thought is that that may be a good thing. Big pond is better?

... I thank the several people who have contributed to this thread. We are serious in thinking this may be good for us.
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