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Subject:  Re: ThyPeace Mortgage Update - HAPPY DANCE!! Date:  10/2/2017  9:04 AM
Author:  ThyPeace Number:  311997 of 313065

Thanks, JeffBrig and yes, there is a bit of a story. DH and I have been married for 9 years. We lived 365 miles apart for the first 6 of those years, and while we were dating. All our kids had been through really ugly custody stuff, and we didn't particularly want to create more trauma for them. When DSS3 was a senior in high school, DH got the opportunity to come for a temporary detail at his agency's headquarters in DC, which is where I live. That 90 day detail turned into 6 months, which turned into a year, which turned permanent about the time DSS3 graduated from high school.

So DH sold his house, and he's been holding onto the proceeds ever since, knowing we'd use them to pay off the mortgage. That enough to pay off my mortgage, though; Ohio is a lot less expensive than DC to live in. DH's father passed away a little over a year ago, and the last distribution from his estate (along with the steady pay down I'd been doing from more regular income) was enough to tip the balance and pay it off. Today, the real estate lawyer will file the paperwork to put the house in both our names and I will spend time calling the insurance and utility companies to put all those bills in both our names.

And thanks, AJ, for fixing the summary of what's been paid! Wow, that feels good. I spent part of yesterday reordering our budget, so now I know how much extra there actually is. Time to really ramp up the retirement savings -- and giving more to charity. That's going to be fun.

ThyPeace, DSS3, who was here this weekend, said, "Your stepsons are charity!" We had a good laugh.
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