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Subject:  How to Survive Robot Apocalypse - Close the Door Date:  11/10/2017  3:34 PM
Author:  XMFBreakerTinker Number:  85761 of 115741

As we discussed previously, AI and robots are a long, long, long way from taking over the world.

Taking over driving is a big deal. That will put lots of people out of work and be very disruptive, but that does not require coordination.

It may be so disruptive that a surgical coalition is actually studying the impact and possible solutions for what will happen when the supply of donated organs falls due to fewer traffic fatalities when autonomous driving becomes reality.

But as for the rest, robots simply have ver little in regard to physical ability. They can do very specific tasks, but even a general task like picking up different sized objects, or a piece of wood on a table are incredibly difficult. Walking up steps, getting out of a car, even opening a door with a door knob, not so easy.

I can see a task like garbage collection being automated somewhat, as the trucks can drive themselves, and garbage cans can be inserted with chips to direct robot arms, and instructions on how to place the cans to consumers, but even that poses enormous technical challenges.

Sure, a mechanical drone flying and shooting at you, not a problem, but getting a robot to vacuum your multiple level home and go on and out of closed doors, not so easy.

I have not seen too much in progress getting over these details either. I think it will require more of a combination of biotech with mechanical to get over this hurdle instead of the pure mechanical (that is just Robbie the Robot like) to get there.

There is a reason Google bought and then quickly sold off the robot company they had bought.

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