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Subject:  Re: Apache and Nutanix Date:  11/11/2017  12:12 PM
Author:  dumaflotchie Number:  85783 of 115808

VMware is way further away from open source,” Pandey said. “Microsoft will really have to redefine itself and change a lot of its thinking to go and say, ‘We truly embrace open source like Amazon does, like the way Facebook does, like Nutanix does.’”

Maybe this is why he is suggesting this could be important......AWS perhaps since AMZN “embraces” open source?

This also dovetails in to the previous discussion of Google Kubernetes.....that NTNX is able to work with (see the prior threads on NTNX):

Kubernetes is an open source project that brings 'Google style' cluster management capabilities to the world of virtual machines, or 'on the metal' scenarios. It works very well with modern operating system environments (like CoreOS or Red Hat Atomic) that offer up lightweight computing 'nodes' that are managed for you. It is written in Golang and is lightweight, modular, portable and extensible. We (the Kubernetes team) are working with a number of different technology companies (including Mesosphere who curate the Mesos open source project) to establish Kubernetes as the standard way to interact with computing clusters. The idea is to reproduce the patterns that we see people needing to build cluster applications based on our experience at Google. Some of these concepts include:

Seems to me that this may be an extension of the GOOG initiative in open source and what is clearly a differentiator compared to VMWare and MSFt.

Also Tinker, I get what you saying about CEO bluster and I always felt that way about TWLO as you know but that is not the same vibe with TTD....he has seemed optimistic but not overpromising IMO and they have beat consensus the past 4-5 quarter’s including this most recent earnings:

Odds favor another beat for Q4 but the market has become rather demanding for all stocks at this particular time.
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