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Subject:  Re: Going to ground Date:  12/1/2017  3:50 PM
Author:  wecoguy Number:  2553 of 2577

Bonding, we called it in Telecom, making sure all is a common ground within a ground plane. That ground plane was isolated from building ground, except at a single point, that prevented ground currents from other equipment, or via lighting from passing through delicate equipment causing disastrous results..
In a vehicle with dual battery systems, the engine may be insulated by engine mounts, is I think there should be a hard wired link from the engine block to the frame, which the 'house' system may use, or maybe only within it's framework, so they do need to be bonded together. A clamp-on Ammeter would show if there were leakage currents, but as long as everything is negative ground, I wouldn't expect any..

Ages ago, my brother added a CB radio in his salmon boat, a wooden boat... Then noticed he wasn't catching fish in close to the boat, only further out.. Hmm, turned out that radio was reversed polarity, caused a voltage on the boat and it's trolling lines, got rid of it, fishing results returned.. It had also caused his copper tubing feeding the onboard stove to corrode, electrolysis effects a lot of things in a saltwater environment..

Anyway, Grounding, bonding isa huge consideration in many areas..

They sell heavy braided cables for doing that bonding...
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