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Subject:  My EOY synopsis of AMSC Date:  12/31/2017  2:27 PM
Author:  tktrimbath Number:  2148 of 2171

AMSC (was called American Superconductor)
AMSC (market cap is $0.070B was $0.88B Mid2017)
AMSC is a electricity infrastructure company that has its origins in superconductors, the SC in AMSC. While they originally were known for attempting to “do for electricity what fiber optics did for information”, they are now also known for designing wind turbines and systems, power system regulators, high-efficiency motors, connecting the US power grids, and superconducting cables.

While the potential is high, and was realized prior to an unfortunate episode with a customer in China, the current reality is far more subdued. There have been few attention-grabbing headines. Part of AMSC’s potential has been supporting the distributed renewable energy systems of solar and wind power where maintaining high efficiency in the transmission lines is important. An opportunity to significantly upgrade electricity power grids seems to be overlooked in Miami, Houston, and Puerto Rico. Tres Amigas, the project to connect the US power grids, doesn’t even show up in a search of AMSC’s site, though AMSC is listed as a strategic partner on Tres Amigas’ site.

If AMSC had continued its revenue growth from 2015 and 2016 into 2017, AMSC might be reporting a profit. Instead, losses continue.

Once one of my major holdings, I am considering selling to raise cash for a income-related cash crunch for a ~94% loss. I’m glad I sold some along the way. Unfortunately, the loss is in a tax-deferred account, so there are no tax loss benefits, and any withdrawal will include an additional penalty.

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