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Subject:  Re: WMT Raises Minimum Wage to $11/hour Date:  1/11/2018  5:21 PM
Author:  warrl Number:  529388 of 606638

A big factor in the high cost is how government-provided or employer-provided medical-care insurance has for decades made most people insensitive to the price of medical care.

Leaving aside the Fox Noise talking points that people who have "big gummit" health insurance with overuse it, for a moment, why is it that better paid employees of many large companies *are* provided with employer paid or subsidized medical insurance, but the minimum wage staff is left to apply for government assistance?

Go back to the post you were quoting from and read the paragraph after the one you quoted.

If you need more detail, consider that a low-wage worker is seeing maybe 20 cents - or less - go to taxes out of each dollar while a high-wage worker can easily see double that go to taxes. The tax break on medical-care insurance is simply more valuable to a higher-wage worker. Also, the higher-wage worker doesn't need flexibility with each dollar of earnings to the same extent as the low-wage worker.
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