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Subject:  Re: Automation Devices: a discussion Date:  1/16/2018  11:47 PM
Author:  synchronicityII Number:  39926 of 40295

I still really like it. I mean, it's a small inexpensive car, but with surprising leg room in back and a decent amount in front (of course,I'm not 6'4" like some Fools).

Runs well, and has the lane assist/auto hi-beams/collision detection/active cruise control/etc. active safety stuff that we wanted, too. Gets good gas mileage (about 31.5 MPG average since we bought it, and yes, we can bring that up on the dashboard display). Complaints are that it takes awhile to get warm air blowing in the winter and the "tower" thing in the center to hold stuff is about a centimeter too short to hold my glasses.

We still have the '99 Prizm and I tool around in it every couple days to keep it running well. Need to bring it in for the State Inspection for another year. Tentative plan is to keep it, hopefully for another 2-3 years, then when its time to get replaced we'll buy a new Accord EX.

Meanwhile, everything else just kinda goes. Wife got sick with a sinus infection early this year that she's still not fully over. Daughter has carved out a group of her "tribe" at school, so in spite of being 13 (how did THAT happen?) she's doing OK. I'm still working from home and work is still paying me. We're still saving money and hitting various financial milestones. If I were to go back in time 30 years and tell Senior-In-College-Me what life would be like now, I'd have taken it in a heartbeat. And thought it was a lie to make me feel better ("yeah, right, SURE all that will happen")

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