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Subject:  Re: AAPL Date:  1/19/2018  3:41 AM
Author:  wecoguy Number:  208310 of 209643

Went to see my cardiologist today and as the PA is taking my vitals, I noticed her watch, an Apple Watch! Must be the 3rd generation, looked great, thinner than I expected. So that led to discussing all things Apple, she recalled her battles with His, then the ease of getting over onto a Mac, has her whole extended family converted, iPads, iPhones, iMacs, all of it.. And I saw that in my own family after earlier struggles with Apple ]['s, //e, and the variety of PCs... My support dropped way off once we had em all over onto the Mac world.. Few as adamant as I've been, but still they are really hooked.

I have only two I can't get over, my SIL and his Dad, partly because of the SIL's work needs, but his Dad had his landlord world on isolated, safe PCs, has been able to avoid the problems I saw with my work PCs.. I did get him to try a MBP a few years back, well, then he wanted Win besides, ran into printer difficulties, and even his Airport Extreme wasn't cooperating.. In the end he passed it on to our grandkids, I still run the AE here, it needed a firmware update, was all...

Anyway, it's still a fun ride, still enjoy some of the tech side... try to keep up.. Miss MacWorld Expo...

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