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Subject:  Re: Local Swiss Determine Citizenship in Switzer Date:  1/19/2018  6:44 AM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  529843 of 601251

Switzerland is the #3 nation in the world in regard to gun ownership density. Yet their murder rate is a quarter of the USA.* Their guns laws appear very similar to the US's in regard to firearms but tougher in regard to ammunition purchase.**

Baloney. You need to apply for a permit to purchase firearms, you need to provide lots and lots of information, and there is no “gun show loophole” or anything like it. In fact, selling a sun privately is even more difficult than buying from a commercial dealer, where all purchases are tracked.

In order to purchase most weapons, the purchaser must obtain a weapon acquisition permit (art. 8 WG/LArm). Swiss citizens and foreigners with a C permit over the age of 18 who are not psychiatrically disqualified nor identified as posing security problems, and who have a clean criminal record can request such a permit. Foreigners with the following citizenship are explicitly excluded from the right to possess weapons: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Algeria and Albania.[note 2] The following information must be provided to the cantonal weapon bureau together with the weapon application form:

valid official identification or passport copy
residence address
criminal record copy not older than 3 months

For each transfer of a weapon or an essential weapon component without weapons acquisition permit (art. 10 WG/LArm), a written contract must be concluded. Each Party shall keep them at least ten years. The contract must include the following information (art. 11 WG/LArm):

Family name, first name, birth date, residence address and signature of the person who sells the weapon or essential weapon component
Family name, first name, birth date, residence address and signature of the person who purchases the weapon or an essential weapon component
Kind of weapon, manufacturer or producer, label, caliber, weapon number, and date and place of transfer;
Type and number of official identification of the person who acquires the weapon or the essential weapon component
and an indication of the processing of personal data in connection with the contract in accordance with the privacy policy of the Federation or the cantons, if firearms are transmitted.
This information must be sent within 30 days to the cantonal weapon registration bureau, where the weapon holders are registered (art. 9 WG/LArm).

These regulations include, by the way, several classes of knives, martial arts weapons (stars, etc.) and more.

And the buying of ammunition is even MORE difficult. Maybe *effective gun regulation* has something to do with the lower gun statistics? And would the NRA agree that certain nationalities should be proscribed from owning weapons altogether? Check that, given their politics, perhaps that’s one proposal they might support.
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