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Subject:  Re: Doing the fal-de-lah Date:  1/19/2018  8:16 AM
Author:  platykurtic Number:  208312 of 209642

Occasionally if I “drag” on the link it tracks across the screen, changing typeface and size, but doing nothing else useful. Why?
If you have two apps open then you can drag or drop URLs between them. Say the first app is a note-taking app & the 2nd Safari or Google Chrome & Safari or Contacts & Google Chrome etc. URLs are one of the data types that iOS understands how to use & so drag & drop works also.

Unfortunately things like this are a consequence of iOS (& the iPad especially) becoming a more comprehensive OS. If you take Apple at it's word & iOS is the future (for Apple) then this is an expected outcome (as would be understanding how to use a keyboard & mouse for future releases for example.)

And part of the issue that Apple has faced is that the iPad has been a bit too simplistic in the past, potentially limiting it's market as the Windows 2n1s & Chromebooks (more recently with the ability to run Android apps) begin to 'fence off' potential use cases through being more flexible. To compete Apple has felt it has had to add capability, making the device more complicated but also more productive (much like the iPhone X added some complication with additional gestures replacing the home button - but a necessary condition to compete with modern premium smartphones.) The perking up of iPad sales in the last quarter - if maintained - suggest that a lot of buyers agree (although the introduction of the 'value' iPad may have helped the sales a lot also.)
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