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Subject:  Re: Apple - My life on an iPad Date:  2/16/2018  12:27 PM
Author:  awlabrador Number:  208395 of 208633

Seems to be a risk using 3rd party apps. Even with Windows, some 3rd party companies may not upgrade to newer OS.

Historically, Microsoft has put the burden on itself, rather than third party developers, to maintain backward compatibility with old applications in Windows. In contrast, Apple has put the burden on developers to keep up with its OS's. Although we on the Apple side often cited the difference as evidence that Windows was hobbled by having to maintain compatibility with old, outdated software, the distinction is a large reason why Microsoft won the OS wars back in the 1990's, because that's what users wanted.

That said, Apple did provide ample warning and opportunity for iOS app developers to prepare for iOS 11. Most of the apps I've purchased have been ported, but some crucial or much-loved apps have not. I think the developers simply dropped the ball and, in many cases (particularly given the time that has passed since iOS 11's release), simply don't intend to update those apps or pursue further development. I'm not saying it should have been glaringly obvious to the OP that his information was in jeopardy, but was this the first time such might have happened?

In the past, I might have suggested checking Apple's Documents in the Cloud for the saved data, but that has long given way to iCloud Drive. It's been my observation that some app developers moved from Documents in the Cloud to their own cloud services rather than migrate to iCloud Drive, so that might not be an option. Nowadays, cloud storage is a commodity, and anyone can provide their own.

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