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Subject:  Re: Latest malware/virus, whatever... Date:  2/19/2018  11:42 PM
Author:  JeanDavid Number:  3462 of 3478

Also, perhaps more disturbing, I actually got a call from someone saying they were tech support and had remotely detect problems with my system. The individual had what I thought was an Indian accent, similar to what used to be common with tech support services provided by Dell and others. Just curious if anyone else has had to deal with that.

This one makes me tired. Not your fault. I was getting two such calls a week for a while. When I am busy, I hang up on them early in the call. But when I am bored, I like to play games with them and see how far I can go.

They typically tell me they are with "Windows Support" and I typically hang up with them immediately. But when I let them go on they tell me my Windows machine is spamming the internet, etc., and that they can fix it. Since I normally run Linux, it is unlikely that my Windows machine is doing anything of the kind. I usually tell them that I am running 12 machines at this location (I do not always use the same number) and ask what the IP address of the offending machine might be so we can address the problem. Well, some of them do not even know what an IP address is. One got a little closer by saying it was which was a good guess, but not correct. And it did not matter because that was on the wrong side of my router and IP addresses of that kind are not routable. So I complained that was not my IP address and they should find out the real user of that IP address. Good luck with that.

One time they said they could fix my machine remotely if I would log into some URL, so I did, and it wanted to download some .exe file, so I did that (since .exe files do not run in Linux). They had a lot of trouble getting into my machine; i.e., they could not do it. Do not try this on a Windows machine or they could take over your machine and you would really regret it.

Here is another approach, if you have the resources to do it (a little bad langage in it):
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