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Subject:  Re: good news! Date:  3/27/2018  11:35 AM
Author:  GreenMartianX Number:  2585 of 3781

I actually wasn't thinking about it very hard.

That SBUX bit just caught my eye cause it was flat out weird - what possible logic is there in following the advice of "Billie Jean King and her Leadership Initiative (BJKLI) and leading national women’s organizations, the National Partnership for Women & Families and the American Association of University Women". Are these people qualified to make business decisions this granular? BJK is a tennis player. And what is a Partnership for Women and Families - does that exclude men?

And literally: "Further, Starbucks announced it has achieved 100 percent pay equity for women and men, and for people of all races, performing similar work in the United States." How can this be true? As you stated previously, there are different outcomes regardless of what the work is, and I can't imagine there is any such thing as 'similar work' cause that's ridiculous. Some people do terrible work.

I also find it weird that SBUX holds itself up as a role model - I want my children to get good paying jobs, not aspire to be a person making my coffee at SBUX (not to disparage any occupation). But what were they doing before? Paying men more for the same exact same job description and outcome? Is that what they were doing? If not, did they arbitrary raise the salary for women just because they were women? That can't be right - right? And I can't help but be cynical when I look at SBUX's BOD- mostly men.

My only experience with gender pay gaps is working at a grocery store in my youth and women being paid more than men as they entered the workforce (50c more). When I asked my manager why this was so, I was told it was to compensate women for being women.


From recent investments including parental leave to a comprehensive Family and Partner Sick Time Benefit...

course, this is impressive stuff - I'm impressed. When you are self-employed though, and you consider hiring an employee, it isn't the salary that makes you not want to hire - it is the benefits like this. Family leave is great and all but when it means that somebody gets paid for nothing, pretty quickly it becomes uneconomical. At least where I am, for the most it is only government who can afford to do this.

Anyway, didn't mean to get this far into it - wouldn't have referenced it if I weren't looking at SBUX yesterday...
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