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Subject:  Re: Okta Like Trump Date:  4/21/2018  10:01 AM
Author:  FlixFool Number:  93250 of 118295

Hi Tinker,

I get the same feeling about critics of Okta. I also get the feeling that they have never had to deal with IAM personally, or they would understand quite well what Okta is doing.

Is it flashy and sexy? Nope.

Is it essential to how a business operates? Yep.

I work in high-tech. We're a small company. It was 50 people when I got there a few years ago. Since then we've grown to over 500 and been acquired by a much larger company. We have Okta, the parent has they're own home-grown widget or some other 3rd party thing. I don't even know. Okta is far superior. Here are just some of the things we've done with Okta:

- Salesforce
- all of the Atlassian products
- Sumo Logic (3rd party log aggregation SaaS product heavily used by AWS customers)
- Service Now
- InfoBlox & Device42 (network management devices)
- Cloud Academy (online learning portal)
- Slack & PagerDuty (DevOps SaaS tools)
- Savo (marketing/sales document management)
- Samilla Whitelist (automated IP whitelisting for access to things without needing a VPN)
- our own products and services so our customers can authenticate using Okta

And, given we're a security company, we also require 2-factor authentication. Which means not only is Okta tied into our AD for my username and password, but have to also use a one-time token to authenticate to Okta as well.

Even if MS came up with something that competed, it would YEARS before they were able to integrate with all these things. AWS is never going to bother with more than something that works with AWS. Why should they? They have a history of destroying upstart cloud-service companies by integrating something identical right into AWS for free or minimal charge. If Okta's only market were AWS IAM customers, I'd be very worried. But their market is far larger. It's every single company that uses a SaaS product from a third party. It's every single company who *offers* a SaaS product to *their* customers. It's easily adopted, very stick, simple to use, and incredibly simple to manage who in your company or customer-base gets access to what and when.

That is NOT an easy thing to pull off, never mind pull off as well as they have.

I like Okta better than Mongo right now. But that could be because I'm biased due to direct exposure to Okta every day, and have yet to know anything first hand about Mongo...
Paul - Just a geek in investor's clothing
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