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Subject:  Re: Knock if Off Date:  4/26/2018  6:10 PM
Author:  buynholdisdead Number:  93509 of 118657


Saul's, where he will let a political exchange go a short while and then shut it down.

No Saul will not allow any political exchange, it is shut down right away. But this board has been allowed to have political discussions. I know that TMF knows about this board and what is going on. I am even sure that David and Tom know what is going on. I suspect they allow it, but do not agree with it. I do not think it is in their nature. But they do not stop it because they realize that some people do not mind it. Maybe they have set NPI up as a quarantine section of the TMF where they allow some people like us to have intelligent conversations and still let people like Dumas feel that he can contribute something to the TMF, even if it is only ideologue mindless banter. We still have to let the least of us feel good at times, its the humane thing to do.

So since TMF has allowed this on this board, I do not understand why you keep banging your head against the wall trying to change something that has already been condoned. I do not mean this in anyway to be derogatory but it seems you have made it your mission to change the mind of the TMF.

This is the only board at TMF which has an overt purpose of discussing a specific type of investing which is regularly and lengthily interrupted by political screeds. Unfortunately, as it attracts new readers and possible contributors, there are many who leave again because they can't handle the tone and the interruption. This seems like a loss to me. It wasn't always this way and it used to have more readers and contributors. We have had some uptick lately, possibly cross fertilization from Saul's board with valuable new members ... many of which now seem like they are being scared away.

How this is worth spouting off anything that comes to your mind regardless of where you are eludes me.

I agree this board is not for everyone but the ones who stick around can contribute and read the investing discussions. It is mostly easy to skip the political discussions. I do not think you need to understand why spouting off anything might be enjoyable to anyone, I think it's important to allow people to be different than you are. I understand you want to be polite and you want everyone to be polite to you, I respect that, but this world isn't made that way, and the people that you would try to force into that mold will not respect you for that. They only think it is a weakness, and the only way to handle them is to treat them exactly as they treat you.

I have no quarrel with you Tamhas I just think you are attacking this problem incorrectly. If you do end up winning and the board dies off, will you have really won?

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