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Subject:  Re: Take the Fifth! - Sure! Date:  4/27/2018  1:47 PM
Author:  HaltCatchFire Number:  208448 of 209588

I said: I usually recommend to people wanting a new PC that they look at Windows offerings.

jwiest replied: Good grief, why?

My primary reasons are as follows:
• For the price, you get 2x to 2.5x as much computer in the Windows space. More storage, more memory, better processor.
• Way more options to choose from. Desktop, laptop, ultra-portable, 2-in-1, whatever you need.

Add to that now this:
• Actual USB ports that work with the billion USB devices out there.
This last point is worth its own separate post.

Overall I don't believe Macs offer good value for the money.

jwiest also noted
I really despise the "feel" of Windows, especially Windows 10+. I remotely log into a Windows 7 machine, so that's somewhat tolerable, but the Windows 10 machine I log in from spends waaaaay too many processor cycles trying to be my friend. It really gets my goat when I return from lunch to see it's timed out with a pretty picture, then it takes forever to bring up the login dialogue and while it's grinding that out it still has time to ask me "did you like that pretty picture? would you like to see more?"

Look and feel is a personal taste thing. If you like Mac better, then you should stick with that. I'm frequently frustrated by the single mouse button as I'm used to three. I have my Windows 10 box configured so it pops right up. I suspect you have Cortana enabled; I don't use it and don't recommend it as it's constantly busy in the background doing who knows what. I do have face recognition enabled so the "login dialog" doesn't show for long. I like the ability to tweak and customize; I also realize not everyone values this.

When I bought my current personal laptop, I had specific requirements:
• 15" screen or larger.
• Powerful processor, Core i7 preferred.
• More than 8 GB of memory, 12+ GB preferred.
• 512 GB or more SSD storage.

Apple could meet some of these requirements with an old Sandy Bridge CPU (one generation behind) for $2000. Dell hit all my requirements with a Sky Lake CPU (then current) and a touch screen for $900. I like Macs fine, but not that much.


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