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Subject:  Re: Apple discontinues Airport production Date:  4/28/2018  2:03 PM
Author:  rhill0123 Number:  208454 of 209086

It still surprises me how unreliable my home wifi is. I have a time capsule and an airport express (for coverage). The airport express seems to regularly lose signal "Turn yellow" and needs to be rebooted.

It was worse before I moved to an all-apple network. In the world of linksys, I seemingly had to reboot something every couple of days.

This stuff needs to always "just work" for me. When I'm home its not so bad, but when I am traveling, the wife can't deal with "the internet is down again".

At the time, 2012/2013, apple seemed the furthest ahead. Of course this must not be true now. Thats a shame because it should be a profitable category, and competition hasn't historically been all that good in my opinion.

I would love to have visibility into apple's thought process on this portfolio decision. Clearly the return on investment was viewed to be lower than apple's other businesses (likely true) but odd to just walk away from revenue. Seems like it would have been a nice little business to be in, and pretty synergistic to the other gadgets apple supplies.

Other than the referenced article earlier in the thread, if anyone knows of a rock solid, easy to configure WiFi solution that offers good range, and an app-based diagnostic and control platform, let the board know!!

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