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Subject:  Re: Apple discontinues Airport production Date:  5/1/2018  1:28 PM
Author:  Splurzgalonk Number:  208469 of 208685

RE: "Easier sure, but less flexible and less powerful, which are often trade offs."

That's the old trade... often Apple reduces the functionality to what 90% of their targeted customer base is really using. If you happen to be in the other 10% then in many cases all it takes is a bit of fiddling with the shell.

In the case of the airport, there is no such option, which is a PITA. E.g. they simply removed the UI to enable SNMP. I never understood why they couldn't just HIDE it from the masses without killing the feature entirely.

But Apple consistently shot the power users in the knee caps. And I still think they really get it completely wrong to just focus on consumer stuff p!ss!ng of all pro users - outside the graphics/design/photography realm. They killed so many good products (xserve, Thunderbolt monitor just to name two) and left others to (almost) die lonesome (MacMini, MacPro, Server OS) - and they do have more than enough cash to simply keep those great products alive.

I switched to a Netgear Nighthawk router and still have bad dreams from just thinking about the freakingly ugly and badly done UI, the insane complexity without any useful documentation, the ambiguity in the tons of options that sometimes contradict each one other... but hey, this is what I always experienced when I had to enter the realm of Windows. ;-)

Over the past few years, I slowly moved towards the unlucky 10% of the Apple user base... And I still miss the times, when Apple was not only focusing on plain content consumers.

And btw, I don't really think the announced MacPro will really change anything and I also think they will just let the MacMini die entirely, even if they say otherwise.
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