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Subject:  Re: Take the Fifth! - Sure! Date:  5/19/2018  2:16 PM
Author:  awlabrador Number:  208485 of 209588

That's funny. I wonder how many people thought I was "blindly following whatever Apple does" when I post this:

I was being ironic. Or sarcastic, or whatever the correct word is.

It used to be that we had a much higher proportion of fanboys or cheerleaders on this board who'd follow Apple no matter the cause. I admit I was probably one of them back in the Mac vs. Wintel days, Windows 95, etc., when Apple had to fight the "beleaguered" label, though I like to think that my opinion was more reasoned than "Microsoft sucks" -- e.g. , which is out of date but which I still think reflects Microsoft programmers' mentality in terms of software design.

But over time, much of the activity on this board has evaporated for various reasons -- we had a whole thread on it once at Those of us left here who are regulars have been in it long enough to post our likes and dislikes concerning Apple, with well reasoned arguments, and the long experience from the regulars here is more than enough for me to respect various opinions, even if I have a different opinion.

But, I still see the occasional opinion leak through that we, here, are part of some sort of "cult" of Apple -- that we're the "Apple Faithful" who take anything not pro-Apple as "blasphemy". That's not a view that I respect.

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