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Subject:  Re: New "Investing Platform" for Class Date:  7/2/2018  10:26 AM
Author:  jeffbrig Number:  11832 of 11875

I'm a car nut, and I think this is a pretty terrible idea. Part of what fuels the vintage/rare car market is status. A rich dude can plunk down a couple hundred grand (or more) on something awesome, and he has the status of owning it. He can go down to his garage and look at it. He can show it to his friends that come by. On a really nice day, he can even take it out and enjoy the car. That is where some of the "value" lies for a buyer.

Or, a bunch of people buy fractional shares in a similar car, which essentially goes into storage as a purely speculative investment. Then you just cross your fingers and hope the car market continues up so you can make a few bucks. There's no "value" in this type of ownership model.

Long term, I don't think the car market is not going to perform as it has in recent years. What we're seeing today is a symptom of the concentration of wealth, at least at the high end. There is no other explanation for dropping $15M on a vintage Ferrari that's about as fast as a modern sport sedan. Sure, it's pretty, but how do you justify that valuation?

I think eventually, the bottom will fall out. We're already seeing that millennials seem to be less interested in driving, and in material "stuff" in general. I'll be shocked if vintage cars continue to hold value once we're all in old people homes and they take over. ;)
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