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Subject:  fb call Date:  7/30/2018  4:40 PM
Author:  GreenMartianX Number:  2859 of 3782

i posted this on vic too

I think this was interesting - from the call:

So GDPR didn't have a significant impact in Q2 partially because of its implementation date. So you're just seeing effectively 1 month of it. In terms of revenue, we do think that there will be some modest impact. And I don't want to overplay these factors, but you've got a couple things going on. You've got the impact of the opt-outs. And while we're very pleased with the vast majority of people opting into the third-party data use, some did not. So that'll have a small impact on revenue growth. And then we're also seeing some impact from how advertisers are using their own data for targeting, so again, that'll have a modest impact on growth. And then in addition, we're continuing to focus our product development around putting privacy first, and that's going to, we believe, have some impact on revenue growth. So it's really a combination of kind of how we're approaching privacy as well as GDPR and the like. So I think all of those factors together are one of the factors that we're talking about, the other being obviously the currency flip.

ok, so GDPR might have 'some' impact

ok, so opt-outs might have 'some' impact (not so far, but hey - it might!)

ok, some impact from advertisers (they make it clear elsewhere there's been no change)

ok, some impact on privacy (so far, no impact, but hey - it might!)

and then fx (could flip too)

really, that's all you've got?

I've read some bummer calls in my time, but this one?

p.s. I liked the bit where they say part of the lower operating margin targets are due to "increasing mix of business shifting to Asia and towards what are CURRENTLY lower APRU markets" so I guess they expect those areas to REALLY grow, but I must be missing something...though it was pretty funny when asked when this would happen they said something to effect that it would be 2 years to whenever ("this is several years, so more than 2 but less than many" I actually laughed aloud at that).

as noted before, I read the google call too, and the difference between goog and fb is fb provided some glum guides and google didn't say anything - kinda weird how this played out short-term

this reminded me of the MA and V calls where they'd suggest that OM can't get too high cause then they'd get in trouble - sure sounded like the same script; you would almost think this CEO was hauled before congress lately...
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