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Subject:  Re: Iron Condor (revisited) Date:  8/9/2018  5:51 AM
Author:  mungofitch Number:  238066 of 259453

out-of-the-money put/call band above and below the S&P Futures index, by both buying and selling puts and calls (2 calls, 2 puts) both above and below the asset to create income around the asset.
an opportunity that actually doesn't have much risk, that could earn roughly 6% on top of the return I already expect for Berkshire.

I certainly have my doubts that there exists any strategy that will take a given portfolio and add a meaningful additional long run average yield to it without a downside.
And I'm closer to a believer than most, having done over a hundred thousand options contracts.
It seems you're suggesting you'd expect "same returns plus another 6%", and that doesn't pass the smell test at first blush.

Can you say more about your goals? Which of these, and with which priorities?

* To create a bit of current yield from a portfolio which does not pay dividends?
* To smooth returns...make bad and so-so times better while turning occasional great times into merely very good time?
* To increase the long run average return on your portfolio?
* Improve a tax situation / avoid hurting a tax situation?

I can think of things a person can do that have substantial chance of managing one or two of those with an increase in risk which is almost certainly acceptable.

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