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Subject:  Re: Still alive, still no debt. Date:  8/13/2018  11:06 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  312206 of 313083

Who is probably about 2 months from having to dip into his credit if he doesn't get some meaningful income in soon...

I'm so sorry. Darn gig economy! I wish you good luck. Don't forget to sign up for an ACA policy if you had been relying on employee health insurance.

Is there any way to avoid racking up debt? Do you have an e-fund that could last a few months--or have you run through it already? Could you get a temporary gig, even if it's clerk at a retail store--perhaps one where you could benefit by an employee discount?

Have you already cut back spending to the bone?...cancel maid service (housework is good exercise!), cancel cable, change phone service--cancel landline and just use cell, decrease cell data plan; eat lower cost food--buy what's on sale and healthy like frozen veggies & fruit, whatever protein's on sale that week, reduce utility usage; if your car's newish--especially if you have payments--sell it and buy something for less than the proceeds (IIRC you drive a Prius and I can understand not giving that up-), bike/walk/take transit more and drive less;, no restaurants, coffee shops (unless someone else is treating!), no travel, if this goes on long enough consider selling house in favor of cheap rental (IIRC you're single and could presumably live in a 1BR or studio, at least temporarily). Don't be too proud to make use of a food pantry or other services.

While I was never laid off, my husband was. these techniques allowed us to avoid going into debt during unemployment, one time lasted ~6 months! He was the major breadwinner and we couldn't live our usual life on my income alone, but we could with cutbacks. the last time, we replaced our house with one we bought for less than the equity in the previous house, so no more mortgage.

Don't hit your 401k/IRAs. Unless you decide you could actually retire now. intercst is the guru of living off savings upon early retirement--inquire at Retire Early Liberal Edition to hook up w/him.

Don't neglect your health. Get any tooth/gum/jaw pain looked at--a filling is cheaper than a crown/root canal/implant. If you have to give up a gym membership, find exercises on youtube you can do at home. Let your doctor(s) know your situation--they may be able to direct you to cheaper medications, waive your copay, and so forth. Btw, some dentists charge less if they know you're retired or unemployed (eg, give you the dental insurance copay rate istead of making you pay full price).

Keep up your mood by walking in nature--are there any parks or trails nearby?

I wish I lived nearby and could help.
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