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Subject:  Another Short Note... Date:  12/7/2006  12:01 PM
Author:  Steve819 Number:  408 of 452

I've noticed that I am right about the 100 point mark for the underperform charm, as depending on a hated stock that shall not be named, the charm flickers on and off for the past few days.


This essentially means that despite my heavy shorting of horrific companies, I have net to date achieved only 100 underperform points. Since my overall score is close to 600, this means that 500 of my 600 points have come from going long.


Does this mean I am better at finding deeply undervalued stocks? Or that crap companies keep finding new ways to pump their stocks to higher levels?


Perhaps a bit of both I thihk.


Another lesson learned though - when I first started playing CAPS, and I quickly racked up 500 points, I thought it was mostly due to my excellent shorting skills. Since I'd never shorted a stock in real life, I was actually thinking, maybe I should go out and short some of these scams, since it is pretty obvious that they will all go out of business soon enough.


Now, I think it would best to reconsider. Some of these companies are pretty creative at crafting PRs, even if they can't run a company worth a hill of beans.


I wonder if anyone else has had similar results in CAPS.

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