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Subject:  Re: What's simple isn't always easy. Date:  12/7/2006  5:12 PM
Author:  CMFEldrehad Number:  433 of 457

Good points there squished!


I was using a bit of poetic license when I talked about my family's financial well-being. It's not like I'm investing in the stock market with money we need to buy groceries next week - but you do make an excellent point.


When one is investing in the stock market with money one feels one *needs*, I think emotion is much more likely to enter the decision making process and cloud what might otherwise be good judgement.


I'd never seen this presented this way before, so you've taught me something. It's long been a Foolish principle to not invest in the stock market with money one needs in the short-term as this just makes good financial sense. It had never occurred to me that it *also* makes sense from a trying to avoid emotional decision-making point of view as well.

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