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Subject:  Re: What are the best classes for investors? Date:  6/5/2007  3:50 AM
Author:  StockSpreadsheet Number:  8285 of 478

I don't know any classes you can take in a university to improve your investing skills.  I know I read an article a while back and they said some of the best stock pickers were music majors and so for a while the investment fund companies were hiring a lot of music majors to run their stock funds, though the article never explained why this was true.  I have heard they have backed away from this practice a while back and started hiring finance and accounting majors because if they got sued for fund underperformance it looked better in court if your stock picker was a math, accounting or finance major instead of a music major.

The Morningstar website has a series of articles, (or at least they used to, I haven't checked for it in a while), that was under the category of Morningstar University that explained pretty much all about the market, stocks, mutual funds and diversification, with a short test, (about 5 questions), at the end of each article, (each about 2 screenfulls long).  I learned a lot reading all the stuff in Morningstar University but never got college credit for it.  It did help me in real life make real money though, so I think it was time well spent.  Good luck in your schooling, career and investing.


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