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Subject:  The Sky Really is Falling Date:  11/12/2007  9:28 AM
Author:  capsoregime Number:  19890 of 753

I've watched much of my gains of the last year evaporate as the Nasdaq took a huge tank.  I'm certainly not panicking, but I consider it worth considering where we, as Fools (if I could call myself one appropriately), think the bottom will be.  A lot of stocks are going on sale, but some are being haircut justifiably and don't deserve a "firesale" purchase.

What say you, other Fools?  Will you continue to purchase equities as the market keeps turning down?  Are you planning to wait until it reaches a nearer bottom?  Are you locking in your current gains for a later repurchase down the road?  

What about moving out of sectors?  Would you re-load on blue chips with the discount currently offered?  Would you continue to purchase small, growth stocks with the current volatility in the market?





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