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Subject:  Re: Time for a Few Small Repairs Date:  1/22/2008  2:32 PM
Author:  TranGanZen Number:  27213 of 533

I have been investing since 1984 so I have had the fun of both making a lot of money and loosing a lot of money. You would think by now I would have learned from my mistakes, and I have some what but the market is still a surprising place and there is always opportunity to loose money. I'm supposed to say there is lots of opportunity to make money but things look rather bleak.

The one silver lining in all this is that it is an election year and I am hoping history repeats itself. October of 1992 was about the same prospect as we are seeing now, the market plunged below the begining of the year which is a stong indicator of recession. Then of course the first President Bush was elecected out of office and come Jan. - Feb. 1994 the market had one of the largest upswings in history followed by years of good growth. Lets see if history repeats itself. Stuff your money in a matress and wait for that upswing!

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