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Subject:  Re: Time for a Few Small Repairs Date:  1/31/2008  3:29 PM
Author:  jester112358 Number:  28415 of 533

I've been fully invested through the crash of 1987, the downturn 1998 and 2001-2003 and the key thing is to do nothing-if you've already been invested for a long time.  Which is what I did in each case.  I was lucky in that I had made the majority of my purchases over a long period of time in companies like Merke, Intel, Walmart, McDonolds, Pepsi etc.  Companies with dividends that had been in existence nearly forever.  If you look at the behavior of any of these major companies from 1990-2008, the gyrations hardly matter.

 That said, I now have over 2/3 of my investments funds in cash because I believe the problem of overleveraged debt is so enormous it will take years to unwind.  I agree with Jim Rodgers that only commodities, energy and agricultural stocks are worth owning since their earnings and cash flow are very predictible (unless people stop eating, driving and heating their houses).  Which might happen!  Then I recommend investing in guns and ammo.  This is the ultimate security measure for the U.S.


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