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Subject:  Altucher says Buffett lying about a recession Date:  3/5/2008  9:53 AM
Author:  Gtrinvestor Number:  33466 of 755

Normally I take for what it is, entertainment w/ sometimes a helpful insight.  However, I always like to see what someone else has to say, because "out of the mouths of babes..." 

Anyway, this guy Altucher, who apparently wrote a book on Buffett, says that Buffett could be lying about the recession in order for him to artificially deflate the stock market, which in turn allows Buffett to buy a bunch of companies on the cheap.

Even though Altucher looks like a guy I new from my high school chem II class that "accidentally" created a concoction that released acid vapor into our lab room, and "accidentally" mixed  potasium metal with water which created a small explosion in the lab ( he may actually have a point.  It's not like Buffett is Bernanke, and supposedley informing us of his real thoughts. 

 I know, I know "but Buffett is giving all his money away to charity, why would he dupe the investment community"?  Because, Buffett likes doing what he does best, and that is invest.  It's not about the money, its just doing something he loves to do.  Is that malfeasence?  Not really, its just a little misdirection to convince Mr. Market to give him something on sale.

I think someone had a Buffett quote once that said... "I like a sure thing, like shootin fish in a barrel, after all the water has been let out".

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