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Subject:  I almost forgot to write about Gov. Spitzer Date:  3/11/2008  3:10 AM
Author:  FleaBagger Number:  34545 of 600

I know you're all dying to hear my thoughts on Gov. Spitzer's recent admission that he had sax with portstitutes. That's because as soon as you heard about it, you changed the channel and skipped the infinite blathering that filled every news orifice in all media so that you would not be adequately sick of it until I had had my say.

On an investing website, to be sure, such an enemy of Wall Street (and investing in general) as Gov. Spitzer will surely be reviled and scorned at any opportunity. And yes, he was a bad AG and a bad governor, and now it turns out that he was a bad husband and father. But let's cut him some slack--he's had a really bad day. How would you like it if you destroyed lives and fortunes to make a name for yourself and achieve fame, popularity and political power, and you had sox with prostatutes because your wife was holding out on you because you're ugly, and not long after you become governor you're about to get caught in some of the sleazy things you've done, and you're forced to admit it to "get out in front of it" and people on CAPS were making fun of you? You wouldn't like it, I'd wager.

So let's not bash poor Mr. Gov. Spitzer, though we may be tempted because he was a terrible AG and Gov who never showed respect for the rights of others. Just leave hm alone, I beg you.

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