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Subject:  Garbage from Our Government Date:  3/14/2008  12:59 PM
Author:  TMFBent Number:  35347 of 550

Let's begin here: US Pres Bush praises Fed, says Chairman Bernanke "doing a good job ...

This could only come from the same, language-impaired leader who gave us, "heckuva job, Brownie!" Bernanke has done a horrible job of managing this credit crisis. Let's not forget he was part of the Greenspan rubberstamping crew, and he spent years failing utterly to oversee the lending practices that have gotten us here.

Bernanke's inability to understand the basic problem with the lending markets, and his pompous refusal to do anything to tighten lending standards, stand as Some of the biggest blunders ever by a man in his office. Sure, he was dealt an awful hand by easy All but you don't bluff on a pair of Deuces, not with Trillions at stake.

Bush, alas, isn't in possession of enough el no sey cosa to know what the problem is, nor how to fix it. His post 9-11 economic miracle was to have been a lucky beneficiary of asset bubble two. But, as with his entire life, a guy born on third, thought he hit a triple.The irony is that both of these jokers want to be seen as strong leaders-yet both are too cowardly to tell the truth.

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