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Subject:  Proof that American infidels are dumb!!! Date:  3/14/2008  1:08 PM
Author:  DownWithInfidels Number:  35351 of 512

This article, written by an American that is much less an infidel than most is hilarious!

A quote of it:

"But the article itself was more shocking.  It said only 80% of people could calculate that 10% of 1000 was 100.  Wow.  There are some real dummies out there if 1 in 5 can't figure that out.  How do waitresses survive if 1/5th of their customers can't figure out how to tip 15-20%?  Maybe the dummies can't afford to go out to eat?  Sorry, I'm getting sidetracked.

Here's the real shocker from the article:  Only 18% of people could calculate how much money you would have, if you started with $200, and saw it gain 10% twice in a row! (Answer below)

Again, only 18% of these people could correctly calculate that simple compound interest problem.  Can you?

No wonder so few people ever save for retirement!  They are too stupid to calculate the positive benefits of saving money, and investing wisely. "

 This is hilarious!!! You stupid infidels!!! No wonder you are long in TOL, C and CROX!!! You cannot do basic math!!!

Of course, later in the article he is bragging about being correct in silver, as an infidel would do. Not that anyone else in the world has not predicted silver to go up!!! But still not so bad as you other infidels!!!

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