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Subject:  Re: Time for a Few Small Repairs Date:  8/3/2008  11:46 PM
Author:  pjani06 Number:  65406 of 533

Kudos to you and to anyone fortunate enough to read this. 

Yeah, I was in that boat to burned in '00-'01 but oh how the tides have turned...

even after nonstop, market obsession since then and picking up an econ degree at top honors during the time passed, all my reading/knowledge/curriculum didn't teach me the most crucial & relevant facts about our world which you can now fortunately learn in mere minutes:

A simple 10 minutes to understand our world today & whats happening:


there, do things make a bit more sense?

Here's a voice from Feb 2008 ( too bad i didnt get word then):


did you read it?


Well... as you may understand from past experience, assets can go up forever or down forever and if you dont know if the faucet is on or off, then you'll be BURNED in the process (no matter the fundamentals or the "soundness" of the investment). Common sense will be ignored until we destroy the single faucet system & have competing backed-currency issuance & effective transparency over the nominal/credit expansion/contraction of our currency (for a change).

WOW, almost impossible to imagine as that would tackle major world issues AND restore prosperity to well deserved hard working citizens.  


Talk, communicate, email these ideas with coworkers, friends, family, educate the young, spread the knowledge & power!!!!


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