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Subject:  Re: Marc Faber "I advise every American to Date:  11/27/2008  10:26 AM
Author:  johnw106 Number:  88610 of 404

This is the same things these idiots were saying in 1973...and again in 1979....and again in 1982....and the world is still here and life goes on.

I distinctly remember hearing on the radio a right wing expert predicting,and I paraphrase, "We will all soon be peasants working in labor camps for our daily ration of rice and beans. The only free people left will be those who sold the dollar and bought gold.
The US government is broke and will default on its debts and Europe (Japan was a mess and China was in flames at this time) will own us. We will soon be worse off than the poorest third world country". And this was the general consensus of all but the most ardent left wing nuts.

This was in 1973. And life was good for a bare foot kid who didnt have anything other than some hand me down clothes and a job making fifty cents an hour working in the groves pulling weeds.

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