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Subject:  Re: Marc Faber "I advise every American to Date:  11/27/2008  6:48 PM
Author:  Harold71 Number:  88653 of 404

Invoking the MOT factor!

I grow wheat for a living, so I guess I'll diversify into gold/silver.

You've got to admit that the US gov't has never been in more vulnerable situation.  Not in the Great Depression, not in 73.  The sheer magnitude of public and private debt loads, the future pension liabilities, coupled with a rapidly disintegrating real's basically the same recipe as Weimar Germany...according some smart dudes 

This is going to be test for continuity of the United States itself...I can see states seceding from the Union, quite possibly.

The Perth Mint is not accepting orders.,28124,24687337-643,00.html

abitare you've got silver, that is what I mean by outside the's not in a trading acct, bank, zero counter-party risk.

If you've got time I'd love to learn how to embed...maybe I can find it somewhere.

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