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Subject:  Re: Marc Faber "I advise every American to Date:  11/27/2008  8:58 PM
Author:  abitare Number:  88657 of 408


I think you have me confused. My portfolio is up over a 100%+ this year. My SKF pick which was 50% of my portfolio went from $110 to $300 in less then a month.  You can read and heed my Proud to be Long SKF post. You can also see in CAPS when I closed my position, for a performance guestimation.

Did you see my post on 21 Nov  08

#1, #1 and #14

I said:

abitarePERFECT is #1 (Clean Bear and pursues the accuracy Fool goes crazy for)

abitare is #1 in points (a point chaser)

abitarecatania on is #14 out 104K,  YTD is 333.36%


Doomsayer? Are you kidding? I am one of the luckiest guys in the market today. Seriously, I would not trade my performance with anyone I know this year.

Do you see that Red Ribon I earned last Friday? That is the Top Fool Ribon, the Number one spot here on 

You are confused this is not Yahoo Message board or the office water cooler, I am not selling a book and my track receord is known and view able.  Doomsayer? LOL!

As for me, I am an opportunist, I do not care a bit about the "doom and gloom" garbage response Fools have been saying to me for over a year... blah, blah, "that is doom and gloom" blah, blah....

I did not create the asset bubble, the corrupt FED, the I.O.U.S.A., the "borrow and spend economy", the 8 trillion debt,

I voted 3rd party, I gave money to Ron Paul.

I am not scared. I do not own beans. I do own guns, gold and silver.

Why? Because so many Fools, who said "that is doom and gloom" and lost their retirement, home equity, job, and purchasing power, who did not grasp the circumstance are not going to be bailed out and are not prepared. You?

I am paying cash and buying guns, gold and silver, where I find it and I have had a great year in the stock market.

FYI - Long AUY is 20% of my stock portfolio. 


Good reply as always. I am sorry sometimes, I am a little tired and cannot give a good reply.

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