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Subject:  Re: Marc Faber "I advise every American to Date:  11/27/2008  10:06 PM
Author:  abitare Number:  88663 of 404


It is more complicateed then that.

How old are you?

How much do you have in assets?

Physical gold is insurance and wealth protection from FED inflation or hyperinflation. Such as, Soviet Union, Germany, well all fiat currencies collapse eventually.

Gold miners are for people trying to get rich.  

But during deflation gold can fall and it has in the last six months. 

Faber like physical gold, but most his clients are worth millions of dollars. Miners can be nationialized, as many have been in the last decade.

Check out for physical gold. DC has places to buy gold. But be advised there is an amazing panic into gold, at this moment and those panicing into gold are paying big premiums.

People and companies reduce spending and consumption in hyperinflation, so there is less energy needs. People still have to eat so soft commodities and gold (money) should do well.

I recommend a credit union that is FDIC insured, that has a boring location outside of bubble states, no derevative exposure. Interactive brokers has no devervative exposure, as per there advertisements. Everbank is FDIC ensured allows you to denominate in other currencies. 

Peter Schiff has been very right and he works for Euro Pacific capitial. They might be a safe bet. Take a watch of some Peter Schiff videos, if you want some ideas.  

Scotttrade a Fool advertiser has decent rates.  

Also here is a site with investing coupons codes: 


If anyone else has recommendations please speak up. 

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