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Subject:  Re: Time for a Few Small Repairs Date:  1/18/2009  11:59 AM
Author:  diditbad100 Number:  100064 of 533

I could not agree more with your pessimistic view. I have followed your stock picks, or should I say stock shorts with much admiration! The Economy and our government as I see it "We are a nation of consumers", have you heard this line before? It is so true that it is scary! We buy Chinese and other foreign goods for almost nothing, but at what cost? Wal Mart and Best Buy are a couple of companies that have capitalized on this trend. As with any trend we should have put a stop to this many years ago. Buying American made goods would greatly help our economy. This would be a great idea if there were many products still made here. Want proof? go to the stores above and look for the "Made in USA" tag. Many Americans use the excuse that foreign products such as Toyota are higher quality. They are higher quality because our own automakers have stymied change by spending money on lobbyists, corporate jets, and insanely high CEO pay. This pay should have been tied to performance. The CEOs and millionaire board members did this instead of making the necessary changes and investments to secure their and our future. Once again the elite have been greedy and everyone will pay. Trickle down economics? This means we all we be pissed on a few drops at a time until we all stink like urine. Manufacturing jobs have been steadily lost to other countries for years with nothing being done to address the problem. Our government and the lobbyists for the corporations that pay our Senators and Congressmen allowed this too happen. They can make a better profit by using the cheap labor of people living in cardboard boxes. The demise of Lehman Brothers and the decline of Citi, Morgan Stanley, and Bank of America have been shocking. Think about the loss of high paying jobs in this sector! Along with this has come a steady wave of layoffs at banks and mortgage lenders across the country. All of this equates to everyone being scared of losing their job and our consumerism has come to a screeching halt. Who is left supporting a big part of our economy? People that have retired from companies that will soon file for bankruptcy. I will give the government credit for seeing the problem with the "Big Three" going out of business, but you can not plug the hole in the dam with a piece of chewing gum. Will change happen under Obama? Most of our Senators and Congressmen are as greedy and inept as the CEOs were at Enron and Worldcom. Why are we going to be the last country to make changes that others have made such as running the entire country with renewable power? Because again our Corporations have lobbyied against change that would cost them money with no regard for the environment or the future. Most should be locked up with Ebbers and Schilling. Healthcare in America? As our tax base dwindles and Medicaid and Medicare are ripped off by corrupt companies the whole sector will be swallowed up in a black hole just like everything else. Social Security? As even less people are working the funds will dry up even quicker than originally projected. It has been too many years of the same thing over and over, and our future has already been stolen by the corrupt politicians and companies that have been nearsighted. There are some bright spots in our economy, as the price of everything continues to spiral downward money will be spent again and we temporarily will rejoice and say the recovery is under way! Many will go out and buy more Chinese made goods, and if you invest in the right foreign countries you may actually have enough to retire by the time you are 75 or 80.
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