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Subject:  Do you use a financial planner? Date:  3/5/2009  3:45 PM
Author:  SteamedCrab Number:  114970 of 460

My wife and I visited a financial planner yesterday.   Thanks to the Fool’s guide on what to look for in a financial planner, we felt very well prepared going in.   The financial planner we met had been in the business for around 20+ years, was very down to earth and was very engaging.  Two of my main concerns were alleviated when she said that she is not tied down to any set of products and is a fee-only planner. We left feeling slightly guilty, not in a bad way though, but in a way that your mother might make you feel for not saving a portion of your allowance.   It was incredibly great watching my wife take an interest in money and planning, something she has shunned for so long.  With all that said, my wife and I really did enjoy sitting down with her for almost two hours.  We’re at a point in our lives where we’re starting to make some decent money, have a little bit of savings, and will have a good chunk of extra money leftover at the end of each month.    I suppose my question to all of you Fools out there is:   Do you use a financial planner, and if so, to what extent do you use the planner for?   Do you buy products he/she recommends and overall is the yearly expense worth it for you? Thanks for your help everyone!
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