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Subject:  The Challenge to Google's On2 Takeover Goes Moxy Date:  12/4/2009  10:39 AM
Author:  on2shareholders Number:  209116 of 647

Shareholders of On2 Technologies from around the world have recently come together to form a large group in opposition to the proposed merger with Google. The group is independent, unaffiliated with On2 and firmly opposes the Board of Directors recommendation to approve the $0.60 per share Google offer. Today the On2 Shareholders Group announced that it has joined as an advocate opposing the proposed merger.

Moxy Vote is an online social forum enabling investors to align their collective voice by casting their proxy votes through their web site. Moxy Vote's service allows shareholders to join with others in the opportunity to let their unified voice be heard on important proxy votes like the one currently before the owners of On2 Technologies.

The shareholder group understands Google's intent and the implicit validation of On2's employees, products, and intellectual property (IP) portfolio, however we are extremely disappointed in the offered price. The manner and timing by which recent material developments have not been made public, especially in light of On2’s emerging IP prospects, as well as the long history of On2’s share price manipulation lead us to believe this proposed deal is not fairly valuing On2 Technologies. Beginning today, On2 shareholders can go to and register to become a supporter of the group. The site will verify the number of supporters and total shares voted while also providing social interaction between members supporting the On2 Shareholders Group. Moxy Vote empowers the voting rights of individual On2 investors and will validate our strong growing initiative. Through the proxy control number, U.S. and International shareholders can vote their ownership rights as members of aligned belief. Shareholders that have already voted can change their vote up until the web site voting deadline and still also align their proxy votes with the On2 Shareholders Group. To become a supporter of the group, simply go to, register and from the home page, select the On2 Shareholders Group as your advocate. Through this simplified process, On2 investors can vote their proxy and become a part of change.

Future proxies that may come, can also be voted through Moxy Vote's web-based service. It is time for change at On2 Technologies and as its shareholders organize a unified majority voice on the proposed Google merger, the group will work to make appropriate organizational changes needed at On2 . The facts of record with current executives and board members speak for themselves and it is clear that changes are needed now. Change begins today by going to to register as a supporter of the On2 Shareholders Group, our collective voice will indeed be heard.

Any questions regarding the vote of your On2 ownership at, please contact shareholdersofon2 (at) gmail (dot) com
Further group information can be obtained at

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