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Subject:  Re: Debunking Richard Wilkinson Date:  11/15/2011  3:23 AM
Author:  whereaminow Number:  365793 of 550


A really interesting blog.  Thanks for taking the time to write this for us.

The income inequality argument was the last line of defense for the Fabians. (I use the Fabians as a reference point because of their relative influence, but there were many similar groups throughout affluent Euorpe and America making similar arguments.) After they wrote about the wonders of the New Communism only to watch it fail (, they had to switch gears and they fell back on attacking laissez faire by trying to correlate income inequality to any real and imaginary social ill.

Now the sad thing is, often they can see clearly the problem.  What sucks is that their solutions are always worse.  We had the Great Society.  Since then, poverty and income inequality has exploded, not receeded.  

They gave us the Federal Reserve, in cahoots with the bankers of all people.  Since then, the banks have inflated credit (something the Fabians wanted) and caused boom and bust after boom and bust.  

They gave us civil rights legislation, and since then more black men are in jail than ever before.

They gave us minimum wage laws at the behest of white union workers upset at blacks taking their jobs, and since then we have never had a year where black male unemployment was lower than white male unemployment.

They gave us a State so powerful that it can put military bases in 130 countries, but a State so weak that it can't pacify a group of rock throwing mountain men in Afghanistan.

Nearly every single solution they've presented for improving these real and imaginary social ills has caused more harm than good.  

And yet never, not for a second, would they even stop to consider that the idea that by giving the State more power, they are actually sealing the fate of the people they are trying to help.


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