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Subject:  Re: Entitlement vs. Entitlement Date:  9/21/2012  9:31 AM
Author:  Mary953 Number:  387634 of 430

This site is full of people who are helping each other learn more so that we can take care of our own families, our own retirements.  No one is making us do this, we choose to share what we can.  The key here is choice.

There is no choice where government is involved.  When the government begins to take from one and give to another, the entire balance shifts out of control.  If parents want to aid their children, that is choice.  If you are required to aid my children, that is not.  Three of my four (in-laws included) are back in school because they have found that their dream jobs do not pay enough to live on and raise a family.  (The community will lose an outstanding policeman/SWAT team member soon)  They discovered that their 'dream jobs' were not economically realistic.

The question is this - Your money is a representation of your work and time.  Do you want the government to be pro-active in taking it from you and giving it away?  Do you expect to be part of the 47% or part of the 53%?  

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