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Subject:  WUWT-TV To Counter Al Gore's 'Dirty Weather Repo Date:  11/14/2012  3:44 PM
Author:  IIcx Number:  389992 of 737

WUWT-TV To Counter Al Gore's 'Dirty Weather Report' With Live Webcast24 Hour Live Webcast Will Air today in the USA Starting (Nov 14) at 8PM EST (5PM PST).

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Live Webcast Link:

Speakers Include:

Andrew Montford (Author of The Hockey Stick Illusion)

Richard Lindzen (Alfred P. Sloan professor of Meteorology, MIT)

Marc Morano (Climate Depot)

John Coleman  (Founder of the Weather Channel, now at KUSI-TV)

Chris Horner (Senior Fellow, Center for Energy and Environment, CEI)

Steve McIntyre (editor of

Dr. Ross McKitrick (University of Guelph)

Dr. Roy Spencer (co author of UAH global temperature dataset)

Joe D’Aleo (Certified Consulting Meteorologist, WeatherBell)

Joe Bastardi  (Lead forecaster, Weatherbell)

Senator Jim Inhofe (retiring from Senate EPW )

Bob Tisdale (author of Who Turned on The Heat?)

Dr. Ryan Maue (meteorologist, Tropical storm specialist, Weatherbell)

Burt Rutan, (Engineer and Aviation Pioneer)

Dr. Sebastian Lüning  (co-author of Die kalte Sonne)

Harold Ambler (Author of Don’t Sell Your Coat)

Donna Laframboise (Author of The Delinquent Teenager)

Pat Michaels (former State climatologist of Virgina, fellow of the Cato institute)

Pete Garcia (Producer of the movie The Boy Who Cried Warming)

Christopher Monckton (SPPI)

Dr. Timothy Ball (climate scientist, commentator)

John Kehr (Author of the book, The Inconvenient Skeptic)

Dr. David Evans (Author of The Skeptics Case)

Dr. David Stockwell (Climate Modeller)

Mike Smith (Certified Consulting Meteorologist)

Steve Mosher and Tom Fuller (authors, The CRUtape Letters)

Kenji (member – Union of Concerned Scientists)

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