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Subject:  The two best paragraph's I have read on my probl Date:  2/22/2013  2:14 PM
Author:  Valyooo Number:  394820 of 457

From the abstract "Profit and Loss" By Ludwig van Mises.  Sorry about the weird formatting.

"However, in talking about equality and asking

vehemently for its realization, nobody advocates a curtailment of his own present income. The term equality

as employed in contemporary political language

always means upward leveling of one’s income, never

downward leveling. It means getting more, not sharing

one’s own affluence with people who have less.

If the American automobile worker, railroadman,

or compositor says equality, he means expropriating

the holders of shares and bonds for his own benefit.

He does not consider sharing with the unskilled workers who earn less. At best, he thinks of equality of all

American citizens. It never occurs to him that the peoples of Latin America, Asia, and Africa may interpret

the postulate of equality as world equality and not as

national equality." 


This sums up my feelings. It is very strange to me, because I have made this argument with people I know. I know people earning 25k-80k a year who complain that they struggle and wealth should be transferred from millionaires and billionaires to them since they are less well off.  Then I say, "there are people in China who made a hundred dollars a month.  In fact, if you earn 40k a year, you are earning more than most people in the world.  You have a mortgage and eat at restaurants and have a car, while there are many homeless in the world. Why not distribute your own wealth to people earning a dollar a day in sweat shops?".  They usually don't have a good reply, something along the lines of "well I would give money but I feel like I am not super wealthy and I want more."  to which I reply "Well millionaires want more too, and I bet the way a starving African views you is the same way you view Bill gates."  To which their response is usually  "It's just different".


To this day I have not heard a good argument to counter what I said.


Also strange to me, is that a man living in Nevada feels a much, much stronger connection to another man living in Florida who he never met since they are both Americans, while feeling no connection to a man he never met in China.  Why American equality?  Why not world equality? 

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