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Subject:  Re: Bogus Fiscal Crisis Date:  2/24/2013  10:13 PM
Author:  whereaminow Number:  394902 of 392

What's a "free market?"

The free market is the sum of all voluntary and peaceful exchanges of goods of services.  It's everything you do every day, minus the State interference. 

The US has never had one I don't think 

The US has had many. Markets begin as free markets.  If a market does not exist, the government has nothing to do, nothing to interfere in, nothing to regulate.  How can the government become involved in something that doesn't exist?  

The implicit assumption in all of your arguments is "public spending always bad, private spending always good.

That's a simplified child-like interpretation of what he is saying.  He is saying that capital invested peacefully and exchanges made without the threat of violence are superior both ethically and economically to the alternative, which is violent redistribution via the State.  

That's not an assumption, it's the result of deductive reasoning that begins with the a priori truth that all human action is purposeful action.

Since the beginning of this country the governmentt has spent money necessary to bring about economic growth that private capital would never have spent.

Incorrect.  When the government builds something, all it does it take resources that would have been used in other ways.

The private sector would have spent (sic) that capital.  They just would have spent it in other ways. 

Therefore, all the government did was build something in exchange for the private sector building something else.  Because A exists, A is good is a logical fallacy.  You, nor I, nor anyone, knows what the private sector would have done with that capital. What we do know is that the interaction would have been accomplished through voluntary exchange in respect to the subjective value scales of the market participants.  In other words, that other thing (or things) that might have happened would have reflected the best use of capital according to those participants.

Btw, you forgot to mention all the Indians the government murdered to clear the land for those crony railroad pals.  You also forgot to mention that every single one of the original government railroad cronies went bankrupt.  You forgot to mention that the canal projects were such a boondoggle that several states ammended their State constitutions to prevent government subsidized infrastructure projects in response! 

That's enough for now. If the rest of your "Eloquently stated truth" is as bad as this, I have no reason to continue.

David in Liberty

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