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Subject:  Re: Bogus Fiscal Crisis Date:  2/24/2013  11:02 PM
Author:  whereaminow Number:  394903 of 392

Bravo to you for standing up to the right-wing neo-fascist anti-government claptrap that whereaminow and other toadies of big business use to clutter up the blogs on this website. 

Well I got my laugh for the day too.

From 2004-2008 I spent my days being called a left-wing communist by supposed "right wingers" for opposing the wars and run away government spending of the Bush era (I was a proud NeoCon before 2004. Thankfully, I reformed.) Then when Obama took office, I found myself in the same exact arguments, only this time it was the Democrats supporting endless war and runaway government spending.


As for the "neo-fascist" perjorative (smear what you cannot defeat in debate, I guess), the term fascism means the merging of State and economic interests.

Now, judging by the comments above, which one of us actually supports fascism?

I guess tomlong is another zombie:

David in Liberty

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